Okay, so I'm a total wimp. I decided to switch, but this isn't because I didn't like Word Press, only because you have to pay to change the CSS and I can't change the full layout the way I wanted to that way, and DAMN if I wanted to PAY to change my CSS (donating NOT included) I would buy a domain name (which IS in the future).

Projects have been moved up and down in my que. Projects have been temporarily abandoned. Projects get added every day.

My main goal is to start knitting for two babies on the way. First off Rachel is having a baby. So I need to add her to my list. Jekob and Angie are having a baby! This somehow got me really excited and I started making plans of all kinds of things to make mini Jekob! It's a girl, by the way. I've been making Chris keep track for me.

I'm leaving this post short because I'm adding and subtracting to the layout and in general being lazy. Forgive me. I will be adding more later.

Since this is a "new" blog. I will leave you with a picture of me.

3 Responses to "Switching Blogs, It's The Hip Thing Don't You Know!?"

  1. Christine Says:


    I hope you like it here more!

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