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Something I've always been interested in are Ball Joint Dolls (BJD). BJD's are jointed dolls that come from Asia and vary in size and detail. Karen Vail does this introduction to BJD's that is very informative.

I think the thing I've always loved about these dolls is the individuality. Each doll is created by you with various parts to make this doll that at some point stops being a doll and becomes an extension of you. I find them to be like knitting. When I knit or crochet something a piece of me goes into each piece and is an extension of me.

The problem with BDJ's is the nice ones, are freaking expensive. REALLY expensive. But the possibilities for each doll are endless. The eyes, hands and wigs (yes, wigs) are removable and replaceable at any time! I love this. The thing is, sometimes your paying $100 + for a head alone, just so you can have one that's different.

So I've chattered enough, and Chris is falling asleep on the couch. So for your viewing pleasure, links!

Okay, so it's only one link, but if you go to the bottom of the page they have a links list of where to by them. Trust me, if you start looking you won't be able to stop.

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  1. Lisa Says:

    Great Dolls--did you know about the Nobility Doll contest--win an Aria--see her here:


  2. Anonymous Says:

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