So I got the back done on Baby's First Tattoo (Stitch 'N Bitch Nation) and it looks okay. This will be my first sweater, so I'm kind of excited to get it finished. I still have to do the REST of the sweater. Now that is where things get bad. Most of the instructions are fine, but for the Front Left piece I get confused. I'll probably read over it tonight, like 4030 times, and than surf the net, pull some hair out and then at some point tomorrow I'll go "OH!!! I GET IT! DUH!" That's the way it always happens.

I re cast on Calorimetry the other night. This is such a simple pattern. The first time I did it, something went HORRIBLY WRONG. Okay, it was my knitting and the fact that my head is NOT THAT BIG. Really. So I was more careful this time.

I used that Caron Simply Soft Heather in Purple and size 6 needles. It's still a LITTLE wide, but it's a good length. I'll take some decent pictures of it when I get the button and put it on it tomorrow. Now, I wanted a stretchy cast off so I used the Elastic Cast Off from Dominitrix. It's K1, slip stitch back to left needle, k2tog, slip stitch back... and so on until you complete the cast off. It probably wasn't the best LOOKING cast off for the job, but it's stretchy. Maybe my Cast ONS shouldn't be so loose?

I've been trowing around the idea of making *sound of empending evil* THE CLAP! BWAHAHAHAHAHA. If you haven't heard of the Clapotis and you are a knitter, you live under a rock. Seriously. But I don't want a WHOLE GIANT THING I WILL NEVER EVER USE. I want a simple scarf for breezy weather. I'll start throwing around some ideas once I can afford to buy semi decent yarn for it.

I AM SO SORRY WITH MY TERRIBLE PICTURE TAKING SKILLS! I will have Bryson take the next set of pictures. He is so much better than I am.

One last note. I am IN LOVE with the fact that the Knit Picks Harmony DPN's come with 6 needles. That's fabulous.

2 Responses to "Sweaters, Semi-FO's, Casting Off, The Clap"

  1. Christine Says:

    I made the baby's first tattoo sweater a couple of years ago for one of my dolls. (I used black and white too!) I want to say that there was an errata for that pattern, but now I can't find it! I remember fudging the fronts to work, though it's been so long I can't remember that either! :(

    I started a clap some time ago and never finished it. I love the idea for it, love the thought of a nice big wrap, but I just zoned when working on it. It's mindless. If you need a good tv project it's definitely one to look at!

  2. Anonymous Says:

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