I knit a swatch for Baby's First Tattoo with Caron Simply Soft. As you can see, This is a TERRIBLE swatch. I'm absolutely frustrated with the quality of this awful swatch. As you can see from this CRAPPY photo, that the cast on is nice and loose, the knitting is fairly even and I screwed up, but who cares, it's a swatch.

What I'm upset about is that tight cast off. Honestly, I have always done a tight cast off, and I thought I was doing it all loose, but I have GOT to do some swatches for doing a cast off that is loose and stretchy. This Cast Off is NOT loose or stretchy. In fact you can see where along the bottom, it's all loose and bunched up. The top is stretched as far as it will stretch to! It is seriously that tight. So readers, what cast/bind off do you use for a nice stretchy one?

I love Halloween. I always have. As a kid, it's the one time of year that you can stay out late on a school night, dress up in stupid costumes of your favorite characters, and eat candy until you gain 20 lbs. As a parent it is a completely different joy, and crazy amount of self induced pain. My favorite part, other than watching the kids enjoy trick or treating, is simply raiding their candy for the next month. Now I know why my Dad was always excited around Halloween.

Around here, Halloween is kind of lame. The kids can't wear their costumes to school, half the houses are dark, and sometimes (like where we are) you have to drive to go trick or treating. This year, a bunch of groups, including the classic car club decided to get together and do a trunk or treat. This is where you go trunk to trunk and people give you candy. It's a neat idea, and if it's small it works. This one, they must not have expected as many people because it was so disorganized and crazy. The first time we got there, there was a line to the street which was a busy street. We skipped and went door to door instead. When we got back, there we had to stand in a long, disorganized line where people would stop to talk to all the people they knew and than get mad that you went AROUND THEM. Please. If you are going to talk to your friends, keep walking! Hello! We left after one row because most people where out of candy and the place was just lousy.

Door to door was terrible too. Some houses more than make up for the fact that 30% of each block is blacked out. It was really disappointing, but I'm pretty sure that EVERYONE IN KINGMAN was at that stupid Trunk or Treat. It was actually pretty sad. I remember being a kid and going door to door. There would be maybe 2 houses on three blocks that would be dark, and you would come home with a pillow case FULL of candy.

At this point, Chris and I are currently discussing the idea of in the next few years, having Halloween parties for the kids and their friends and parents. Invite some kids and send home massive amounts of candy and party favors. It would be safe and fun.

I now leave you with a picture of my Cat who lives with my Mom because my Son is allergic. I got her before my oldest was born and had her up until August when I had to send her to my Mom's. She's still mine, and if I ever left town or my parents were to move I would bring her home and we would figure something out. I love her like my she's one of my own. She was so happy to see me last night and followed us to the car.

2 Responses to "Halloween, Costumes, And Bad Swatches"

  1. Christine Says:

    Yep, Halloween around here is sad sad sad. The blocks are too long and most people don't even give out candy anymore. We don't get a single kid at our place, haven't in the 5 years we've lived here.

    For your bind off, try going up about 2 needle sizes. Sometimes I knit my last row before I bind off in a needle size 2 up and then bind off.

  2. alt.ayu Says:

    hi there~ :) thanks for your comment on the markers! I'm trying them out and have more in mind hehe... I love your cat, it's gorgeous!!!

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