I finished the back on on Baby's First Tattoo. My needles always seem sticky now or hard, and my hands seem to sweat to much. It's really irritating. I was thinking of using an Anime style bunny for the picture and than making a bunny hat in the same colors (Black and White). The sweater is for Vile's Baby. Chris aproves of the color.

Something Chris and I have ALWAYS talked about, is adopting/fostering. Perticularly older kids, where Chris has a soft spot. His parents recently (in the last year or so) started adopting/fostering kids. They pay more attention to their "New Children" than the older ones. Not that they ever gave their two oldest a real chance. But lately, Chris' Step Dad has been real... Nice. And to Chris. Everyone is nice to me! I mean, I'm Kara. I'm awesome. Anyway, I'm getting way off topic. This lead to the discussion we have been having for the last 6 years. Adopting/Fostering. Maybe in six months to a year we would start. When we are settled. Kids from infant to 7 or 8 until the little kids are older. Than maybe teenagers.

This post makes no sense. Maybe I'll post again later.

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