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So I have no pictures for you. Sorry about that. I will talk about my New Years "Resolutions" though, just because I feel like it.

First off I really hate the word "resolution" so we are going to go with "goals". For some reason, the word "goals" doesn't harbor as much panic as "resolutions" does.

I talked about my knitting goals, but I will elaborate on those.


1. Learn to spin!
This is a big one for me. To learn to spin. I want to be able to make yarn for small projects, especially for very personal gifts. I think that if I am spinning (and sometimes dyeing) my yarn, that when I explain the work that went into it, people will cherish them more. Maybe not, but it would be really nice to bonk into an old friend 30 years from now and have them tell me that they still have that afghan I made for them and that they love it.

2. Learn to do fair isle and intarsia.
Haha. I do not really know how to do these things. I think that someone will have to show me. No kidding. It just kind of puts me off, but there are so many things I want to do that involve these techniques.

3. Become good with lace.
I feel like I'm the only one who can't do an entire project of lace. I just want to make one thing and decide if I like it. I like it when I'm doing it, but crap, I just can't finish it. I always screw up.

4. Start buying GOOD yarn and weed out the crap!
Now, this isn't always so realistic. I live in a town where there is ONE LYS and a Walmart. The LYS has comparable prices to online (a teeny bit higher, but not usually enough to warrant paying for shipping) but her selection fails. Her selection of spinning fibers? NICE. She's getting a better selection all the time. I think she needed to settle in a little. Like finally some Brown Sheep and some Rowan (WHAT!?). So I'm super excited about adding yarn that doesn't feel like plastic (or knit up like plastic). I do like Caron and makes for really awesome kids stuff for a reasonable price.

5. Design at least ONE pattern!
I don't care if it's one crappy lace headband. This is a big goal for me.

6. Knit socks!
I CAN knit socks. Kinda. I've done a practice sock. I want to make socks for my kids, partner, friends and family. I want to do this badly.


This is probably the biggest goal. I want to expand my project base by dying my own yarn. No more "Oh Crap. I can't find XXXXX Color or Colors!" I want to be able to do a little experimentation and get the colors I want in the yarn I want, at a reasonable price.


1. Learn to Sew
If my youngest child and I are going to live with the biggest butts in existence (okay, not quite, but pretty close), I need to be able to alter clothing to comfortably fit us. I am passionate about that. I should be able to buy the clothes I want with out having to spend money on tailoring.

2. Start Quilting.
I can quilt. This is something I have ALWAYS loved, but never stuck with. So I want to start quilting again. I'll start with baby quilts and simple quilting and work my way up. Yes.

3. Change my eating, sleep, and exercise habits.

I need to get off of my fat butt and do something about me. I need to work out at least 6 days a week. I need to work on what I eat and how much I am eating. I will not go on a DIET. I don't want to feel guilty for what and how I eat. I don't want to feel guilty when I go to Laughlin and want to have Sushi. I don't want to feel guilty when I go to a Birthday party and have cake and ice cream. What I want is to have the self control enough to say "Hey, I would like some cake and ice cream, but only a small piece of cake and only a small amount of ice cream." and not go back for seconds. This is important to me.

4. Get to Under 200 pounds.
I feel very healthy and happy at between 180 pounds and 200. While I would love to be smaller, if I am successful in goal number 3, I should automatically loose weight to a certain point. If I stall at something around 160-200, I won't push myself, or feel guilty. If I get smaller, good for me! That would be great. So my Goal. To loose around 50 pounds FOR THE YEAR.

I think that that is about it. Hopefuly by the next time I post I will have some pictures for you.

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  1. Christine Says:

    You have some lofty goals for the new year! They're awesome though. I need to work on the weight loss thing as well, I'm just not quite there yet. Eventually.

    Of course I'll teach you fair isle! I have to admit, I don't think I do it like anyone else out there, but it works and there's no way my work is coming apart, so as long as you want to learn a non-way, I'll teach you. Why won't you be leaving the house for awhile?

  2. Christine Says:

    How've you been?! I haven't seen a new blog post nor caught you on ravelry lately so I was wondering what you've been up to!

  3. gramsof11 Says:

    Don't let her fool you. At 15 she had the tiniest quiling stitch and her workmanship was better than a lot of grownups. I just wish we lived closer now and I could teach you intarsia and fair isle. Right now about all I knit is socks but I enjoy doing it.

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