Oh boy. Knitting Daily and Interweave Knits have given us a way to get our crack with out having to scower E-bay for hours to find old Interweave patterns that are out of print. They have so lovingly given us Interweave Knits Store where I will be getting the Central Park Hoodie Pattern. That makes me happy. NEW CRACK!

I desperately need to buy some good yarn. I'm CRAVING it. I would really love to go to a yarn store in Flag or Vegas and fondle large amounts of yarn and than BUY SOME. Really.

I hit BIG!Lots and got some more cheep yarn. Some more Glittallic and Lacette this time in more pleasing colors. The Glittallic is this lavender and it's actually very pretty. That stuff is soft as hell. The Lacette is a beautiful pale blue, and they were ONE DOLLAR EACH! NICE! So I picked up 3 balls of each. I think. Oh well. CHEEP!

I'm using the Blue Glittallic to make my Step-Daughter a scarf. It's about 6.5 inches wide so it will be pretty cuddly. I'm hoping I have enough yarn for it to be a decent length. *Cringe* But it's knitting up fairly quickly on 7mm needles. It's a basic Garter Stitch Scarf. So:

CO 26 sts
Sl Purl Wise the first st on every row.
Knit across row.
When desired length is reached, bo.


I just need to sew in the ends of THE CLAP scarf and than fix THE HOLE. But Lelia is in love with it. It's "OMG TOTALLY something Hannah Montana would wear. AWESOME." That's right Lelia. AWESOME.

Okay, the video is NOT WORK SAFE. Because they say Penis, Vagina and Butt. But that's about it. It's making fun of the Ying Yang Brothers Whisper Song which in it's edited state, is kind of sexy. It leaves something to the imagination, however, in the explicit version, I have to say.. IF ANY MAN WERE TO SAY THAT TO ME, I WOULD FUCKING PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE.

Anyway, on to the Bing Bong Brothers:

12 Responses to "Oh Noes! New "Crack", I Need Yarn, Christmas Presents, NWS Video"

  1. Christine Says:

    I didn't know whether to laugh my ass off or be completely creeped out at the way they were whispering!

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