10:56 AM

This is my long term boyfriend Chris. We've been together for, almost 6 years. Here is a picture of him, since I have not taken any pictures of my knitting.

I finished Calorimetry. I ended up still being WAY to wide and WAY to long. But it keeps my ears warm. I need to adjust the buttons and maybe add another one on the other side for keeping both ends secure.

I finally joined the bandwagon and cast on for "THE CLAP!" I've honestly wanted to for a while, but have been to lazy. I cast on with some crappy Patons sparkly yarn that I picked up at BIG!Lots (Which I LOVE! Now if only Ross would carry yarn!) for a whole wopping $1 a ball. But the pattern is much easier than it looked, as well as being very easy to memorize. Which can be important for me because I'm blond times 10.

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  1. christine Says:

    He looks like he's really contemplating the orange of that sword lol!

  2. Midgie Says:

    I know, he's so funny.

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